These services are provided by a team of professional counselors who maintain highest degree of confidentiality to client’s information. Counseling services ensure the emotional, mental, social and psychological stability of the students as they pursue their goals. Students are encouraged to visit the counseling office to discuss any issue of concern with the counselors. Our team of professional counselors is always ready and willing to meet the students at their point of need. The counselors handle all counseling issues ranging from family, academic, substance abuse, addictions, financial, career guidance, relationships, adjustment and sexuality issues, among many others. The University also has a Peer Counseling programme which is designed to assist the counselors to meet the counseling needs of the entire student population without hindrance. A representative number of students are selected each academic year and taken through a comprehensive Peer Counseling training to enable them counsel their fellow students and, where necessary refer them for professional counseling. Students interested in going through this training are welcome to register their interest in the Dean of Students’ Office.