The Catering department is committed to the provision of affordable and balanced meals to students and staff. Meals for students are served in the dining hall only. Students are required to conduct themselves in an orderly manner and be courteous to the staff and fellow students. Meals are served after they have been paid for at the cashier’s counter that is the PAYE (PAY AS YOU EAT) system.
No crockery, cutlery or other utensils shall be removed from the dining hall. No student shall enter the service area, kitchen or the store without prior permission from the Snr Cateress.
Meals are served according to the meal Schedule. SEE attached Meal Schedule. In case of suggestions, complaints or compliments please feel free to put it down in our customer complaints and compliments register.


BREAKFAST 6.00 A.M. - 7.45 A.M.
LUNCH 11.30 A.M. - 1.45 P.M.
SUPPER 5.30 P.M. - 8.00 P.M.

NB: Kindly note that we will be open throughout the day except for 2 hours after meal time to allow for cleaning of working areas and dining hall.

Wishing you all a fruitful and successful academic journey in KyU. God bless you. God bless KyU.