Student Rules & Regulations

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Student Rules & Regulations

Highlight of KyU Rules and Regulations

All students should read and understand the rules and regulation governing their stay and examinations at KyU. Here are some of the highlights, full text can be downloaded in the student portal:

Defer of studies

  • A student may choose to defer studies to a later intake with valid reasons. Such a deferral shall be for a minimum of a semester and a maximum of two years.
  • A student may take an academic leave of absence with valid reasons


Students shall be expected to pay at least 60% of the fees before registration of units. Failure to register for units within the first three weeks will lead to disqualification from end of semester examinations.

A student who has qualified to register for any year of study but who has failed to register by the end of the first four weeks of the semester shall be assumed to have deserted the degree course and shall be deregistered forthwith.

Attendance and Participation in a Semester Course(s)

Attendance in classes is normally necessary in order to cover a unit adequately. The attendance policy for KyU is that a student must attend at least two third of the classes to be allowed to sit examinations.
Students who have not commenced attending classes during the first three weeks of classes are generally assumed to have withdrawn from the University.

Conduct of examinations and behavior of students in examinations:

  • Students shall produce a valid student identification and examination card.
  • Students shall be allowed five minutes to read through the examination paper before commencement.
  • No food or drink shall be allowed in examination venue.
  • Mobile phones and other electronic devices, other than approved examination aids, shall not be permitted in the examination venue.
  • No student shall be admitted to the examination venue 30 minutes after the commencement and no additional time shall be allowed.
  • In the event of illness, the Principal Invigilator shall ensure Medical attention is availed
  • Student to student communication shall not be allowed.
  • Unauthorized material shall not be allowed at examination venue.
  • Misreading or misinterpreting the timetable does not constitute special circumstances to warrant defer of examination.
  • Violation of examination rules will lead to disciplinary action

Special Examinations

If for some good cause a candidate is unable to sit for one or more course unit examination(s), he/she may, on the recommendation of the School and with the approval of the University Senate/Academic Board be permitted to take special examinations

Nullification of Results

Any student, who has not presented a genuine examination card while sitting for an examination in any unit, shall have the results of any coursework assessment or examinations, pertaining to that unit, nullified, and shall be subject to any action taken against him/her by the University Disciplinary Committee.
A student who sits for examination without paying requisite fee shall have his/her results nullified.
To access the Students Handbook and other Student Downloads click on the link below.

Student Downloads

Catering Services

The Catering department is committed to the provision of affordable and balanced meals to students and staff. Meals for students are served in the dining hall only. Students are required to conduct themselves in an orderly manner and be courteous to the staff and fellow students. Meals are served after they have been paid for at the cashier’s counter that is the PAYE (PAY AS YOU EAT) system.
No crockery, cutlery or other utensils shall be removed from the dining hall. No student shall enter the service area, kitchen or the store without prior permission from the Snr Cateress.
Meals are served according to the meal Schedule. SEE attached Meal Schedule. In case of suggestions, complaints or compliments please feel free to put it down in our customer complaints and compliments register.


BREAKFAST 6.00 A.M. - 7.45 A.M.
LUNCH 11.30 A.M. - 1.45 P.M.
SUPPER 5.30 P.M. - 8.00 P.M.

NB: Kindly note that we will be open throughout the day except for 2 hours after meal time to allow for cleaning of working areas and dining hall.

Wishing you all a fruitful and successful academic journey in KyU. God bless you. God bless KyU.


The services of the Chaplaincy are available to see to the spiritual welfare of the students. This caters for all categories of religious groups namely Catholic, Protestants, Seventh Day Adventists and Muslims. The chaplaincy provides the services of spiritual counseling, conducting religious ceremonies.


The Office of the Dean of Students coordinates both catering and accommodation services in the University. Its function is to ensure quality residential and catering services at affordable rates. Meals are provided on a Pay As You Eat principle and accommodation is available on a first come first served basis on.  The Dean’s office also works closely with the University Clinic to see to the physical welfare of the students.

The University has appointed a Liaison officer who interacts regularly with external hostel providers. During admission the external hostel providers are provided with a desk at the registration hall where new students are able to select, pay and get escorted to hostels of choice. Photographs of external hostels and contacts of the agents are available on our web so that students can also make hostel reservations from the comfort of their homes. It is possible to reserve accommodation through the agents' telephone numbers provided. For new students , please be careful not to send money to people who may pretend to be hostel agents.

A big proportion of students stay and live in private hostels built close to the university by the local community. The office of the Dean of Students has visited the following hostels and found them to be suitable for students of the gender indicated. Please call the cellphone numbers provided for more details.

Students Life




The organization caters for social and academic well-being of all Kirinyaga University Students. The students are led by the Student Governing Council (S.G.C) whose members are elected in a free and fair election held once in every Academic year. The council has and upholds a constitution, The KyUSO Constitution that protects the rights of all students as well as governing their operations within the University. The council also engages in activities such as welfare by raising funds for the students’ kitty through students’ contributions, student walks and donations to help the needy student with School fees and upkeep.

The S.G.C protects the rights and the welfare of all the KyU students as well as creating a stronger bond between the students and the Administration for the smooth running of the University Academic, Research and Development Activities.


KyU has hostels in a conducive environment whose security and safety are key to students’ accommodation. The Campus environment is friendly for learning. Students enjoy in the campus a variety of quality meals sold at subsidized prices at the students mess. Students’ health is well taken care of at the University Clinic. The presence of full time medical staff provides the much needed services to the students. The university Ambulance is always available to facilitate transfer of students to Referral Hospitals during emergencies.


Learning is well planned to facilitate adoption of innovative learning techniques. The fact that our lecturers post lecture notes on the E-Learning platform at least two days before scheduled lecture encourage enquiry based self-learning as well as group discussions ahead of lectures making the learning process exciting and most fulfilling. The fact that we enjoy internet enabled environment in the Library with thousands of electronic books and journals bring out the best in us. Our well organized Academic undertakings are also accompanied with availability of mentors on Campus for all students.


Talents wins games, but team work and intelligence win championships. All we need is you and we hit the sports landscape with a bang, achieve our best and enjoy the KyU environment. Sports is one thing you will not want to miss at KyU. We are truly sporty. Come, join and let us sparkle together.


Entertainment in the University is offered in many diverse forms. The University management has installed Television sets in the T.V rooms for both male and female students connected to D.S.T.V. The KyU entertainment Department hosts various events including Freshas Night ,Talent Day, Innovation day and Cultural day. The interactive events bring KyU students together and make KyU a home away from home.


Counseling Services

These services are provided by a team of professional counselors who maintain highest degree of confidentiality to client’s information. Counseling services ensure the emotional, mental, social and psychological stability of the students as they pursue their goals. Students are encouraged to visit the counseling office to discuss any issue of concern with the counselors. Our team of professional counselors is always ready and willing to meet the students at their point of need. The counselors handle all counseling issues ranging from family, academic, substance abuse, addictions, financial, career guidance, relationships, adjustment and sexuality issues, among many others. The University also has a Peer Counseling programme which is designed to assist the counselors to meet the counseling needs of the entire student population without hindrance. A representative number of students are selected each academic year and taken through a comprehensive Peer Counseling training to enable them counsel their fellow students and, where necessary refer them for professional counseling. Students interested in going through this training are welcome to register their interest in the Dean of Students’ Office.

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