Groups,Clubs and Societies

The office of the Dean of students is in charge of the registration of clubs and societies in the University. The different clubs and societies in existence cater for the diverse needs and interests of the entire student body. Students are encouraged to enroll in the various clubs and societies, as well as to come up with new ones to cope with the growing needs of the student body. The following are some of the registered clubs and societies:-

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  Club Name Patron
1. Christian Union Mrs Nellius Gate
2. Catholic Association Mr. Njomo Mwangi
3. Seventh Day Adventist Association Dr. Aaron Mogeni
4. Drama & Music Club Mrs. Evelyne Maina
5. Wildlife Club Mr. Daniel Mungai
6. Rotaract Club Rev. Allan Maina
7. Chess Club Mrs. Cecilia Irungu
8. Karate Club Mrs Emily Makena
9. President Award Mr. Shaaban Macharia
10. Christ All Voices Mrs. Mary Omwando

Guidance & Counselling Education (GESU)

- Nurturing Plants and Uniting Young

Mrs. Rose Munyao
12. Environment
Mr. Gilbert Matelong
13. Health
Mr. Dennis Butto
  14. Muslim Students Association Mr. Shaaban Macharia